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BetAmerica Review – Bonus Bet Offer


100% sign up bonus
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Pros / Cons

  • Maximum bonus of up to $100
  • Covers a wide variety of games
  • Swift and convenient withdrawal
  • Licensed by the government
  • Safe betting and 100% legal
  • Low minimum deposit of $10
  • Live streaming, video chat, and email
  • Geographical restrictions

About BetAmerica

BetAmerica stands out as one of the most phenomenal betting platforms In the US and beyond and they offer many bonus bet offers. The user-friendly bookmaker pays much of its attention to daily fantasy sports, greyhound racing, handicapping contests and of course, horse racing. BetAmerica has its base In the US and its headquarters situated in the very heart of San Francisco.

BetAmerica came into existence in 2008 and between then and now, nothing less than 150 million has left its shores to US residents who have won. It was founded by the Churchill downs technology initiatives co in prestigious 2007. BetAmerica sees to anything sport related be it sports betting, college football or NFL.

BetAmerica Sports betting

The quality bookmakers offers you the opportunity to bet on up to 5000 local and international horse races every week. They are currently out with an IOS App which makes betting more flexible and easily accessible on the platform.

Is BetAmerica legal?

BetAmerica can’t be more legal in the US. It holds several documents that speak strongly of its legitimacy. one of these is the license for multi-jurisdictional simulcasting and wagering Totalizator issued by the Oregon racing commission. The US is home to BetAmerica, her laws definitely favor it.

Though different states possess their peculiar betting laws. BetAmerica seems to be legal in more states. In their official website, these states are well outlined with their corresponding legal statuses.

There are some states that wholeheartedly permit betting and in others, it is plainly classified as illegal. Some states even exhibit few dynamics with their allowance of betting; they allow you to wager but not participate in contests.

BetAmerica highlights the few states where you are not legally authorized to bet. These states include:

  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virginia

It is not advisable to launch out for betting without being adequately armed with the knowledge of the status of its legitimacy. That could result in some ugly legal twists involving you.

It is prescribed that one should make inquiries with the relevant bodies in any country to get rid of any chances of getting caught up in unnecessary legal nets.

Generally, BetAmerica’s systems and modes of operation have been assessed and thoroughly weighed to have emerged as a widely accepted betting platform. Bettors can walk through the betting sphere without lurking doubts in their minds.

BetAmerica Sportsbook review

Hinging on the integrity of BetAmerica as a brand, its Sportsbook launched in 2019, February has enjoyed a heart-warming welcome from most people. Its Sportsbook imitates the excellence of its racing platform. It is world-class and includes Casino options for the first time.

As promising and credible as the sportsbook is, it is only operational in New Jersey. There are plans however to make it operational in Pennsylvania and other states in the US.

Wagers currently accepted on the Sportsbook include:

This eclectic selection of sports makes it welcoming and open to a plethora of sports lovers and bettors.

BetAmerica offers a great bonus bet deal for new customers.

BetAmerica Horse Racing review

This is like BetAmerica’s USP (Unique selling point). The experience isn’t really that different from the one you’ll get being physically present to bet. All your bets are collectively weighed, with the physical wagers placed by people and you get paid accordingly, should you win.

BetAmerica enables you to place all the bet you could in person on their website. They account for over 200 hundred tracks worldwide. You are not in any way limited to national or international contests. Local contests that don’t make the headlines can be bet on alongside the popular ones like the Kentucky Derby.

The horse racing betting interface combines attributes of simplicity with appealing aesthetics, it Is no doubt one of the best betting platforms the US has ever had. To bet, you only need a few clicks, it seems to have been designed with first-time users in mind.

You can basically easily select any race you want whether greyhound, quarter horses or thoroughbred. All the details concerning every option you pick including the odds will be displayed.

BetAmerica deposit methods

There are various secure payment methods that afford you a hassle-free stake on your games. BetAmerica allows the use of Visa or Master cards either in their debit or credit versions.

Visa or MasterCard

Instant deposit is possible with the use of your personal visa cards. Your first deposit will be totally free i.e. no commissions will be levied on you but subsequently a free of $3.98 dollars will be charged.

eCash (TeleCheck)

This allows for the instant and direct deposit of money from your checking or savings account to BetAmerica. This deposit means is absolutely free. No charges whatsoever are levied on you, although there might be restraints as per the deposit you could make as a newcomer.


You could instantly service your BetAmerica account to stupor with PayNearMe through stores like CVS,7-Eleven etc. Limited sums of $500 roll just over 24 hours and $10,000 for 30 days. The deposit fee is $3.99. It does not allow for withdrawal.

The obvious disadvantage that might come with this method of payment is the fact that after availing yourself of its use, you won’t be able to participate in handicapping contests, you literally need to contact the BetAmerica customer care service to have your access restored.


Green Dot MoneyPak allows you to fund your BetAmerica account instantly through your regular grocery stores. You can deposit up to $1,500, $3,500, $5000 daily, monthly and weekly respectively.

Each deposit would cost you $5.95 and these deposit means does not support withdrawal. Moneypak is distinguished by its simplicity; all you need to do is walk into your convenience or grocery store, pick up the card and include it as your deposit method on your BetAmerica account.

BetAmerica does not support this deposit method on its iPhone App.


NETELLER allows you to deposit money to your BetAmerica account through the use of visa cards. By first depositing money into your NETELLER. By the use of a visa card, you can flexibly fund and withdraw from your BetAmerica account at your own convenience.

You can stake up to $10,000 at once. You are charged just a meagre 2.5% of your deposit and as stated earlier withdrawal is very possible with NETELLER.

Withdrawing money at BetAmerica

There are a host of means to withdraw on the BetAmerica bookmaker. Some of the means earlier highlighted are NETELLER, eCash and Check or Wire.

BetAmerica rewards & bonuses

BetAmerica is established and well renowned for its reward packages. All you need to do to qualify for bonuses is to register and subsequently you get pending bonus reward each time you bet.

There’s a 20% increase in points on exotics, 10% more on multis and 100% on every wager earned point. Wager rewards are not at all delayed, they’re posted almost immediately after the result of a game is declared.

They can be used at the moment or retained for future use either for betting or for use in the store. The reward system is well spelled out in their Promo calendar.

Different track attracts different rewards. One point is assured on every dollar wagered but some tracks promise less as they are with restrictions. Regardless, there’s still a sure 20% bonus on single race exotics and multi-race bets. Some of the limited reward tracks and award ratios are listed below.

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BetAmerica Mobile betting

Flexibility with betting is an achievable thing with BetAmerica. Its mobile app is available on a good number of mobile operating systems. BetAmerica recognizes that most bettors do not have the liberty of time to flip their PCs open every time they want to bet. The App is supported by IOS, Windows, and Android operating systems.

BetAmerica Casino

The BetAmerica casino games are still yet to land on the surface of the betting sphere. Engineers are currently at work, putting in place amazing structures for the online BetAmerica Casino.
As promised by BetAmerica, varieties of casino games will be available to bettors on the BetAmerica platform.

Hints from BetAmerica indicates that the Casino platform would exude the replica of the excitement the horse racing platform inspires. Games that promises to be featured in the Casino include:

  • Bingo
  • Roulette
  • Poker and Pai Gow
  • Varieties of Blackjack
  • Keno
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Eclectic versions of slots and many more
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