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Golf betting
Tiger Woods is a popular golf betting pick. (Getty Images)

How To Bet On Golf Online

Golf is said to be a sport played by gentlemen. It is a celebrated pastime that’s enjoyed by platoons of fans globally, offering players an opportunity to step outside and enjoy a thrilling sport with a history of stiff competition.

Betting on golf might not sound like a complicated pastime either; surely all that’s required of you is to pick the favourite player to win the tournament, right? Well, not quite! This is because even the crème de la crème players of golf cannot win every tournament.

Picking the winner of a tournament from a field of 100+ players is a daunting task. But with plenty of betting options, you can easily make a decent profit. And this is what this guide is all about – to take you through the best markets to bet on golf besides the outright winner!

The Rules of The Game

We all know how golf is played. Some golf clubs and golf balls are required, a lush golf course with a tee, a rough, fairway, a pin, hole and bunkers…you name it…they all need to be present to successfully play this sport. In addition to this, you have to know the name of the golf scores as well as what each one means.

Game’s Objective

The player’s main objective is to sink the tiny golf ball using the least number of strokes. The golf course usually has 18 holes, which come with different lengths. It’s the length of hole that determines the par. Usually, a hole’s par will range between 3 and 5.

In some instances, it can go up to par-7. Also, the par of the hole will also determine the scores in golf.

As we mentioned earlier, the main objective is to sink the golf ball into the hole using as few strokes as possible. When you sink it using a single stroke, you have yourself a hole in one.

The rest of the other golf scores are listed below.

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How to Bet On Golf

Being knowledgeable in sports is just but the starting point to betting on golf. The next important step is to understand the type of markets to pick in golf betting. This section will help you find value betting opportunities.

There are two main markets that you can pick from online; individual tournament matchups and outright tournament betting. Outright betting involves betting on a player to win a tournament or competition.

Matchups involve betting on an individual player to rank higher than the other players in the competition or tournament.

General knowledge of how players play and the course structure for a particular tournament is an important factor that you need to learn as you bet on golf. There are players who play best on a given golf course based on their weakness and strengths. This means that they will give different performances in different competitions.

In line with the note above, players such as Jordan Spieth and Bubba Watson perform best in longer courses such as the Quail Hallow and Augusta. On the contrary, a player like Phil Mickelson who is skilled with short game will perform best on courses such as the Pebble Beach, which require more skill with wedges and irons.

Popular Golf Betting Markets

As we’ve already stated, betting on the outright winner of the competition is the most popular type of betting in golf. However, with hundreds of players in the list and plenty of possible outcomes, there are numerous ways of betting.

Golf betting offers exceptional markets when compared with other sport thanks to the individual vs. the field nature of the game.

Round leader and outright winner betting – This is a straightforward market that involves betting on the player that you think will be the round leader at the end of the round/day as well as the winner at the end of the tournament.

Place betting – With more than 100 competitors in the field, it’s usually beneficial if you’d bet on a specific place other than the first slot for a player. For instance, you can bet Jordan Speith will finish in the top 5 or top 10. The odds might be less but they increase your chances of winning.

Tournament group betting – It’s perhaps one of the most interesting markets in golf betting. It involves two steps. First, you need to select a group of golfers. Next you need to pick which of them will emerge the highest on the leaderboard at the end of the tournament.

2-ball and 3-ball betting – This type of bet allows you to hedge your return in hopes of increasing your chances of winning. For 2-ball betting, you are basically picking two different potential winners of the tournament. 3-ball betting is similar to 2-ball betting, only that you’ll be picking from a field of 3 players.

Season bets – These types of bets constitute of various types of bets where you’ll be betting on the golfers during the full season. Let’s use Dustin Johnson as an example. You can bet on him ‘To finish in the top 5 in any major competition’, ‘To win any one of the majors’ or ‘To finish in the top 10 in all the four majors’. Each one of the listed bets have two outcomes; ‘No’ or ‘Yes’.

Popular Golf Betting Tournaments

As far as golf betting is concerned, bookmakers such as DraftKings and usually focus on the four yearly majors. They include The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and The Open Championship. Other competitions include The FedEx Cup, World Golf Championships, The Players Championship and Ryder Cup.