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The NBA has a very long history that stretches back to 1947 when the Philadelphia Warriors won the first title. Since then, there has been division, conference and cross country rivalries, which offers drama that strikes a personal chord with individual players and fans of both teams.

The storylines and cast of characters of this entertaining game have never been stronger than they are today. They are both responsible for the titillating matchups which are played almost nightly over an 82 season that features 1 team from Canada and 29 teams from the United States.

But it’s the playoffs that offer even more excitement as the arduous seven-match format does a remarkable job of assuring punters and fans alike that the two best teams which lock horns at the end of the campaign deserve the position.

So how does one make some money out of all this madness and excitement? If you are keen to know how you can start betting on NBA, then this guide is for you.

What’s Basketball Betting About?

In basketball, there are plenty of opportunities to score points – more than any other ball game. It’s these total number of points in basketball that lowers the randomness aspect of the sport when you compare to, say, football betting.

This is also the main reason why the better team in basketball has a better chance of winning, as compared to football, which is sometimes unpredictable.

Bet Types In NBA Betting – Money Line, Totals And Spreads

Basketball is a fast paced, end-to-end game that offers punters an exciting way to try get a profit. In this section, we’ve put together the three popular types of bet markets in basketball that you can pick from. They include money line bets, totals bets and spreads.

Moneyline NBA Betting

This is the simplest and most common form of market in basketball betting. It usually involves betting on one of the teams to win the match. Take a look at the below; a match between LA Lakers (-275) and Washington Wizards (+244).

In the example above, LA Lakers are favourites to beat Washington Wizards at home. The fractional odds would be 1.364 and 3.440 respectively. If you were to place a $100 money line bet:

You’d win $136.4, inclusive of your $100 wager, if LA Lakers win the match. The profit in this case would be $36.4.

You’d win $344, inclusive of your $100 wager, if Washington Wizards win the match. The profit in this case would be $244.

For US players, all of our Sports Betting Tips use American Moneyline odds, not shown in the example above.

Totals in NBA

Also referred to as the Under/Over market, totals market is a bet that requires you to correctly predict the aggregate points that will be scored in the match. This eliminates the stress of requiring you to correctly predict who will win the match or the margin of the victory (as in the spread).

Therefore, when betting, a totals bet might look something like this:

  • LA Lakers (Over 215.5) at odds of 1.95. A stake of $100 would return $195 with a profit of $95 if the total points scored by LA Lakers is 216.
  • Washington Wizards (Under 215.5) at odds of 1.75. A stake of $100 returns $175 if the total points don’t exceed 215. The profit in this case is $75.

NBA Spread Betting

Spread betting is the way that most of the punters prefer to bet on NBA. A spread usually accounts for the points that each team is expected to lose or win by in order to ‘falsely’ create an even ground. Therefore, a spread in NBA might look something like this:

  • LA Lakers (-3) @2.00 – a stake of $100 returns $200 [$100 original stake + $100 profit]
  • Washington Wizards (+3) @1.95 – a stake of $100 returns $195 [$100 original stake + $95 profit]

In our example above, in order to win the spread bet wagered on Lakers; who are also the favourites at (-3), they have to win by four points to surpass the expectation. To win on Washington Wizards, they have to lose or win by three points.

NBA Outrights and Prop Betting

In addition to the listed types of bets above, there are plenty of other ways to wager on the events unfolding in the game. These ‘other ways’ are what we refer to as Outright NBA bets or NBA Prop bets.

These types of bets deserve a more detailed explanation because they constitute of numerous other bets. However, just to summarize, placing a specials or props bet is more of placing a money line bet on events that happen in the game.

They include bets such as whether James LeBron will score a triple double or whether he will score in the game.

Outrights are also similar to props, in that they refer to a given event happening, but focus is based on the outcome of the tournament. ‘Who will score the highest points at the end of the tournament?’ ‘Who will win with title at the end of the tournament?’ ‘Which team will have the highest points?’

Are you ready to bet on NBA?

Despite outlining all the basic types of NBA betting, which offer a solid background in understanding how to wager on basketball, there are plenty of other pre-match bets that you can place on basketball. However, you can only proceed to these other pre-match bets after you’ve understood the listed types of bets above.

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