2019 NBA Draft Predictions & Preview

2019 NBA Draft Predictions & Preview

2019 NBA Draft Predictions & Preview

We have 2019 NBA Draft Predictions & Preview for Thursday’s big basketball event.

The paint isn’t even dry on the Toronto Raptors title celebrations but the excitement for the next season of NBA action will reach fever pitch on Friday when the NBA draft gets underway.

While there are no prizes for guessing you will be the #1 draft pick overall; the fun begins once Zion Williamson is out the way.

It isn’t the most talented of drafts in the history of the sport, but the prospects and story lines that could unfold are gripping. Along with the young talents, there are also superstars up for grabs but which players could be involved in the most significant moves on Friday?

Ja Morant NBA Draft Predictions

It seems harsh, but once team will be pasting over their disappointment of missing out on Williamson by getting the best guard from the 2019 class in Morant.

As a player that can score and create at an equally high rate; he led the NCAA in terms of assists. Morant also averaged 24.5 points per game last season and has all the makings of a star.

The winner that he scored to send Murray State highlights that he is a player that loves the spotlight.

Under the stewardship of NBA coaches the attacking prowess in terms of his shooting mechanics will be improved, while his defensive game will improve further by playing in the NBA.

He will be considered a consolation prize by many experts, but he is so much more than that.

Morant is the kind of player who could stay injury free and lead his team to the NBA Playoffs.

RJ Barrett NBA Draft Predictions

Our 2019 NBA Draft Predictions are positive for RJ Barrett.

His college teammate has largely overshadowed the Duke man, but he more than held his own in the NCAA last season and will be looking to prove that he can leave a bigger impact than his Blue Devils teammate on the NBA.

It’s impossible to tell whether sharing the ball with Williamson last term hindered his limelight, but there is no doubting the qualities that Barrett has.

His dual scoring and playmaking abilities were underused by Duke last season, but NBA teams will be looking to take full advantage of these traits. His stats for last season were promising as he averaged 22.6 points per game and 4.3 assists.

De’Andre Hunter NBA Draft Predictions

While he may not be considered as the most exciting player in this year’s draft; he could turn out to be the most risk-free and reliable pick.

Hunter’s game fits perfectly into the current NBA product, while his intelligence and length means that he can guard a variety of positions on the court.

The Virginia man shot an impressive 48.3% from beyond the arc last season, while he scored two wonderful shots down the stretch of the National Championship game to earn his side the honour.

Coby White NBA Draft Predictions

The wide offensive skill-set that White possesses could translate well into the NBA, while the speed of the 19-year-old will be something else that the NBA teams will be aware of. White is most comfortable in the transition and could benefit from the coaching that he will receive once he lands at a franchise.

He shot an impressive 35.2% from three-point range last season which made him one of the biggest off the ball threats in the NCAA.

His sheer size at 6-foot 5-inches will also make him a viable option at the defensive end of the court. In order to fulfil his potential, he must become stronger, so he can attack the rim; something that he will have more than enough time to do.

Darius Garland NBA Draft Predictions

One of the biggest stories to come off the back of the draft could contain Garland, who only featured in five games throughout the entirety of last season.

A knee injury that he picked up severely weakened his chances, but he’s mentioned on this list because despite that he remains as one of the highest prospects in this 2019 NBA Draft.

The 19-year-old possesses all the traits that an NBA team will be looking to get in a prospect. The five games in which he featured last season saw Garland display maturity unlike anyone else in the NCAA by scoring in a variety of different ways.

His ability to finish the ball with both hands at the rim will leave defenders bamboozled. Meanwhile, his strength from beyond the arc means that he can’t be left alone. There will undoubtedly be questions surrounding his health, but he could be an excellent addition.

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