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LA Lakers News – How Davis Finally Got His Move To The Lakers

LA Lakers News - How Davis Finally Got His Move To The Lakers

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Anthony Davis would have been forgiven for heading to the movies during his off time over the summer months to take in a film. However, one night would change the trajectory of his career.

As John Wick 3 came to an end in one of the fancier restaurants in the USA where you need to pay your bill after the film, he slid his card into the machine before putting it safely away.

He would later stop by a gas tank to fill up on fuel to realise that he had left his wallet in that same cinema.

However, the wallet wasn’t at the cinema, and despite a quick visit back to the establishment, it still wasn’t found.

He would try again on a return trip to the cinema to see a different film, but still no luck.

He applied for new cards to make up for the ones that he had lost. This was clearly not what the NBA star had in mind when he went to the movies to take his mind off his plagued season which saw his performance levels nosedive after a failed trade didn’t work out in his favour.

The arrival of David Griffin brought with it a question of whether the fences could be mended or whether David still had his heart set on a move away.

The sour-feelings that were reported by Gayle Benson regarding the Lakers could mean a potential breakdown in any wish to make that move happen, which ensured the situation was difficult since that was the only viable option.

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“When I took over, there was some latent discontent, maybe with the way things had been handled,” Griffin says. “We just talked about the fact that, look, in all likelihood the best package is going to come from this team because it’s the only team that AD’s willing to stay at.”

Rich Paul worked as the agent of David and muted out to possible franchises that the player could be leaving for free in the summer of 2020.

By that point, the wheels were set in mention, and the Pelicans were on the back foot.

“Rich had done such an effective job of smoking out all of the competition for the Lakers that we were left with the sense that the best deal is going to very likely come from them. And if we can get X-Y-Z, we have to execute the deal,” Griffin recalls.

The results in the draft put the wheels in motion for any possible deal as the Lakers were handed a number four pick and the Pelicans picked up Zion Williamson.

“[Davis] wanted to go to two places: New York or L.A,” Paul reflects. “After the draft [lottery], I was able to see where everything lies. The fact that [the Pelicans] were going to get the first pick caused me to understand that it softened the blow of losing Anthony Davis because the organisation could still have some momentum.

“Now, where he would go was up to who was going to step up and give the best offer.”

In the end, the Lakers would part with their number four pick, as well as Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. Also included in the deal was draft picks in 2021, swap picks in 2023 and a potential first-round pick in either 2024 or 2025.

Whether the trade works out to be a good deal for both parties remains up for debate. But, the Lakers soared in the NBA betting markets @ 5Dimes when the trade was announced, and they remain one of the front runners along with the LA Clippers to win the NBA Championship this season.

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