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NFL Week 1 Predictions

NFL Week 1 Predictions

NFL Week 1 Predictions, Previews & Odds

We have NFL Week 1 Predictions for all 16 games on opening weekend.

The season doesn’t start until Thursday September 5 when Green Bay take on Chicago, but it’s never too early to place an NFL bet.

Our NFL Week 1 Predictions only gives a brief look into the early betting markets for the upcoming season.

We will have previews and NFL Predictions for every game throughout the 2019/2020 season.

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NFL Week 1 Predictions, schedule and odds

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears (-3.5)

Thursday, September 5

The Chicago Bears had a great 2018/2019 season and we’re expecting that to continue in the early stages this season.

If it wasn’t for a late missed kick, who knows what the Bears could have achieved last season. They’re a top NFL Week 1 Prediction for us.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Bears –3.5 @ 5Dimes

Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns (-6)

Sunday, September 8

There are big expectations for the Bears this season and we think they could come up trumps.

With a stellar quarterback, OBJ and some top recruits, it’s going to be an exciting season and a Week 1 win.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Browns –6 @ BetOnline

Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins (+4.5)

There won’t be much between these two sides and the Ravens should be good enough to win on the road.

They have an exciting quarterback and one who is only going to grow with more time under center.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Ravens –4.5 @ 5Dimes

Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings (-4)

It’s tough to say how both teams will come out in Week 1, but the Vikings should be tough to beat at home.

The Falcons find it tough playing in the cold conditions in Minnesota and we should see that playing out in September.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Vikings –4 @ 5Dimes

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets (-3)

This all-New York battle won’t win the prize for most exciting game of the year.

It should be a dour affair but the Jets seemingly have more talent on their roster and also a second-year quarterback who should improve.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Jets –3 @ BetOnline

Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-8.5)

The Eagles typically start their NFL season well and they’re a top play for NFL Week 1.

With a quarterback who is coming off injury, there might be some concerns but the Washington Redskins aren’t packing much power.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Eagles –8.5 @ 5Dimes

LA Rams vs. Carolina Panthers (+3)

This is shaping up to be a close contest as the Panthers are tough to beat at home, but the Rams were top quality last season.

If the Rams can overcome their Super Bowl failure, then they should go close to scoring an upset win on the road.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Rams +3 at BetOnline

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (+4)

A big season is scheduled for the Kansas City Chiefs and we wouldn’t bet against them in Week 1.

Jacksonville have upgraded their QB but he doesn’t come close to Patrick Mahomes. Expect the sparkling feet and arm of Mahomes to run Jacksonville ragged.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Chiefs –4 @ 5Dimes

Indianapolis Colts vs. LA Chargers (-3)

The Chargers don’t often get off to a great start. That could come into play as they face the Colts in Week 1.

The Colts are a good team and should be improved this season as Andrew Luck looks hit and healthy. We’re expecting a nice win for the Colts to start the season.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Colts +3 @ BetOnline

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Seattle Seahawks (-8)

The Seahawks are fast starters and that could spell trouble for the Bengals, which aren’t fast starters.

Weather conditions play right into the hands of the Seahawks and although the –8 is tough to cover, they should be able to do it.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Seahawks –8 at SportsBetting

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys (-7.5)

New York Giants’ fans could be in for a long season and the Dallas Cowboys could kick that off in Week 1.

There is no reason why the Cowboys shouldn’t perform well this season and they should be good enough to cover the NFL spread.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Cowboys –7.5 @ BetOnline

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Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals (+2.5)

The Lions are marginal favorites to win this game but there won’t be much between these teams.

Expectations are set a touch lower than usual but the Cardinals do have upside and could score an upset win at home.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Cardinals +2.5 @ 5Dimes

San Francisco 49ers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-0.5)

This won’t be a blockbusting game on Sunday afternoon but it could provide bettors with good value.

The 49ers have the better team this season and we can see Tampa Bay coming apart at the seams in 2019.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: 49ers +0.5 @ BetOnline

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots (-6)

Beating the New England Patriots at home isn’t easy and the off-season turmoil for the Steelers could come into play here.

NFL Week 1 Predictions
Tom Brady celebrates another Super Bowl win. (Getty Images)

The Patriots always start their season well and the –6 isn’t an overly big margin to cover.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Patriots –6 @ 5Dimes

Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints (-7)

Monday, September 9

The Saints could come marching in to kick off NFL Week 1 Predictions for the Monday features.

They have a dynamic offense and although their defense is a touch average, they should have too much firepower for the visiting Texans.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Saints – 7 at SportsBetting

Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders (-2.5)

We’re not sure what to make of both teams this season. The Raiders should show improvement under John Gruden and that’s a reason to bet no them.

However, it could be a tough watch for bettors of both teams.

NFL Week 1 Predictions: Raiders –2.5 @ BetOnline

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