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Super Bowl LIV Predictions, Preview & Tips

We have all the info you need to make your Super Bowl LIV Predictions in 2020.

The 2019 Super Bowl is over with the New England Patriots winning again with Tom Brady picking up his 6th Super Bowl ring. Now we are onto Super Bowl LIV and it is never too early to start looking into betting action on the Super Bowl.

Before looking into the bets that can be made for the Super Bowl here is some information on the Big Game.

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl 2020 is the final of the NFL season in where the last two teams face off with the winner the champion of that season.

There are two conferences in the NFL; the AFC and the NFC, where every season, 12 teams make the playoffs with the four division winners in each of the conferences as well as the two wild card teams from each conference.

The teams then play a single elimination tournament where each conference has seeds from 1-6 with the top seed the team with the best record in their respective conference with the last two seeds being the wild card teams.

The top two seeds in each conference get a bye for the first round of the playoffs. The teams then play each other with the last team from the NFC facing the last team from the AFC in the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl has been played since 1966 and is represented by Roman numerals, so the first Super Bowl was Super Bowl 1 and the last one this year in 2019 was Super Bowl LIII, which is basically Super Bowl 53.

The game is always played in the first Sunday in February and it is not only a game, but a spectacle as well with some of the biggest entertainment acts in the world performing in the famous Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Super Bowl Facts & Figures

  • The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are tied with the most Super Bowl wins (6).
  • The winner of the Super Bowl is awarded the Lombardi Trophy.
  • Only four teams have never made the Super Bowl in the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans.
  • The New England Patriots have the most Super Bowl appearances (11).
  • Super Bowl L1 is the only Super Bowl to go to overtime.
  • The Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls.
  • New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards (4).

Super Bowl LIV dates, schedule & details

The Super Bowl 2020 or Super Bowl LIV will be played in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on February 2, 2020.

This will be the 6th time that Miami Gardens, Florida has hosted the Super Bowl and in South Florida there has been 11 Super Bowl’s played.

Super Bowl Bet Types

When the Super Bowl rolls around every February there is tons of betting action available and that is the game that has, by far, the most proposition bets, known as prop bets, and exotic bets.

For the Super Bowl as well as every game in the regular season the spread and the totals are the most popular bets. In the spread, also called the point spread, the favorite in the game will be giving points and the underdog will be getting points.

Let’s use the 2019 Super Bowl as an example for the spread and totals bets to enhanced your Super Bowl LIV Predictions.

Super Bowl Spread Betting

The spread for the 2019 Super Bowl was:

New England Patriots -3 vs. L.A. Rams +3

In this example, the Patriots are the 3-point favorite and for them to win the bet they would have to win by at least four points. For the Rams to win he bet they would have to win or lose by fewer than three points.

The final score of the game was Patriots 13 Rams 3, so the Patriots covered the spread winning by 10 points, which was more than the 3 points they were giving the Rams.

Super Bowl 2020 tips

In the totals bet you will see a sportsbook post a total for a game in the amount of points scored by both teams. Then you simply bet if you think the total of the game will go over or under that amount. For the 2019 Super Bowl the total was posted at 55.5.

With the game being a very low scoring one with the Patriots winning 13-3 the total was 16 points, so the under was the winning bet and the over was the losing one.

Many times, in NFL games a sportsbook will put a .5 after the spread and the total, as this makes it so there can be no tie in the bet, as there is no way to score a half a point. Let’s say in the last Super Bowl the Patriots were a 10-point favorite. They won by exactly 10 points, which was the number of points they were favored the bet would be a tie and you would get your original stake back.

Super Bowl 2020 Parlay Betting

Parlay bets are popular in the NFL, but are not available for the Super Bowl. The reason is a parlay bet is one where you are betting on multiple games in one bet and that cannot happen for the Super Bowl being it is only one game.

However, during the regular season and playoffs there are parlay bets available where you have to pick the winner of each game in the parlay for the bet to be a winning one. Even if you make a 7-game parlay and make six correct picks, but miss on one the bet is a losing one. The more games in a parlay bet the more the payout will be, but also the more games in the bet will be more difficult to win.

Super Bowl 2020 Futures Betting

A futures bet is betting on the future outcome. The most popular futures bet in the NFL is betting on which team will win the Super Bowl. You can make this bet before the season and during it as well, but the odds will change depending on how the team is doing.

A few other examples of futures bets are which team will win the AFC or NFC, which team will win the NFC South, and who will win the MVP? One futures bet for the Super Bowl is which player will win the Super Bowl MVP? This bet is posted after the two teams for the Super Bowl are set.

Super Bowl Proposition Bets and Exotic Bets

Prop bets are aplenty during the Super Bowl 2020 and that is also the game that has the most exotic bets.

A prop bet has nothing to do with the actual outcome of the game. Some prop bets have even odds and some have inflated odds.

A few examples of a Super Bowl, as well as any other game, are which QB will throw for the most yards, will there be a safety in the game, which team will score first, will the first score be a touchdown or a field goal, which player will win the Super Bowl MVP, will there be a touchdown return off a kick, and which team will have the most penalties.

As stated before every game in the regular season will have prop bets, but there are TONS of them for the Super Bowl.

One of the cool things about Super Bowl betting is that there are many bets that have nothing to do with the game itself. Many times, these types of bets have to do with the National Anthem and halftime show as well as the announcers.

Here are just a few of the prop bets available for the last Super Bowl:

  • Will Trump congratulate winning team via Twitter by midnight?
  • Over/Under 107 seconds for Gladys Knight to sing the national anthem
  • Will Jim Nantz or Tony Romo say “GOAT” during the broadcast?
  • Which song does Maroon 5 perform first at the halftime show?
  • Over/Under 6.5 total songs played during the halftime show?