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NHL Playoffs Betting Guide

The NHL has no lack of excitement on the ice and the most exciting time of the season is the playoffs. 31 teams in the NHL have the ultimate goal of hoisting the Stanley Cup and not only is there tons of betting action during the regular season, but more bets are available in the playoffs, especially proposition bets (prop bets).

Our NHL Playoffs Betting Guide details all the bet types, NHL playoffs info and everything you need to know about the NHL playoffs.

How the NHL Playoffs work

The NHL playoffs is a single elimination tournament where there are four best-of-seven series rounds where the final round is the Stanley Cup finals.

There are two conferences in the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference where the top eight teams from each conference, in points, qualify for the playoffs.

The team with the most points in each conference is the top seed while the team with the fewest points is the 8th seed. In the first round for each conference the seeds of 8 vs. 1, 7 vs. 2, 6 vs. 3, and 4 vs. 5 face off and for each round the higher seed has home ice advantage meaning they will host four games while the lower seed will host three games.

In the finals, the team with the most points has home ice advantage.

NHL playoffs betting guide

NHL Playoffs Betting Types

There are many bet types for the regular season in the NHL and for the playoffs those bet types are available as well and there are also more bets available mainly for prop bets and futures bets. The moneyline and the totals bets are the most popular bet types not only for the regular season, but for the playoffs as well.

NFL Playoffs Moneyline bets explained

There is no spread in hockey, so the moneyline is used with inflated odds to show the favorite and the underdog. Since you are picking just the winner of the game with the moneyline you have to bet more to win less on the favorite and bet less to win more on the underdog.

A NHL moneyline would look like this:

Pittsburgh Penguins -180 New Jersey Devils +160

In this example, the Penguins are the favorite shown by the – in front of the number and the Devils are the underdog shown by the + in front of the number.

To make it easy let’s use $100 to show the payout, but you can bet any amount you want. In this example, you would have to bet $180 to win $100 taking the Penguins and bet $100 to make $160 taking the Devils.

NFL Playoffs Totals bets explained

One of the easiest bets to understand is the totals bet. The sportsbook will set a total for a game in how many goals are scored total by both teams and you bet over or under that amount.

For example, in the Penguins vs., Devils game the total is set at 5.5 goals. The Penguins win the game 4-2 and since the total amount of goals scored is six the over bet would be the winning one and the under would be the losing one with the total set at 5.5 goals.

Many times, the sportsbook will put a .5 after the number and this ensures there will be no tie bet. If there is not a .5 and the total is set at 5 and the final score is 3-2 the total number of goals is five, the posted total, so the bet is a push and you get your original stake back.

NFL Playoffs Puckline bets explained

There is also the puck line where the favorite in the game will give 1.5 goals and the underdog will get 1.5 goals.

In the puck line the moneyline odds will change and will look something like this. Devils +1.5 -130 / Penguins -1.5 +150. As you can see the Penguins are now the underdog and the Devils are the favorite.

In this bet the Devils will have to win or lose by less than two goals to be the winner and the Penguins have to win by at least two goals to be the winner.

NFL Playoffs Parlay bets explained

A parlay bet is also a popular one and it is, basically, several bets in one.

You can make moneyline and totals bets together in a parlay and you have to make the right pick in every game for the total parlay bet to be a winning one.

The more games you pick in a parlay the higher the payout will be, but also more difficult to win. Again, every bet has to be a winner, as if you have a six-game parlay and you lose just one of the six games the bet is still a losing one.

NFL Playoffs Futures bets explained

In a futures’ bet you are betting on the future outcome. A few examples of a futures bet are which team will win the Stanley Cup, which team will win the Eastern Conference, and which player will win the MVP?

You can make a futures’ bet before and during the season, but the odds will change throughout the season and the odds you get when you make the bet are the ones you are locked in on no matter how much they change in the season.

Let’s say the Dallas Stars begin the season as long shots to win the Stanley Cup. However, they blow out of the gates and lead the Western Conference at the All Star break. Because of this their odds will change since there is more of a chance they will win the Stanley Cup than at the beginning of the season.

NFL Playoffs Prop bets explained

A prop bet is one that has nothing to do with the outcome of the overall game.

There are player and team prop bets and while they are available during regular season games there are many more in the playoffs and especially in the Stanley Cup finals.

A few examples of a prop bet are will player A score a goal in a game, will the total number of goals scored in the first period be over or under 2.5 goals, will there be a fight in the game, and will goalie A make over or under 30 saves in a game.