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Jon Jones is popular with UFC bettors. (Getty Images)

UFC Betting has taken over the MMA world and we have all the latest UFC Predictions.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC for short was formed in 1993 by Art Davie, Campbell Isaacs, John Milius, Rorian Gracie and Bob Meyrowitz. However, it wasn’t until the early 00’s when it finally become more popular under the guidance of Dana White. Nowadays the UFC is the most popular martial arts promotion in the world.

Much like boxing, fighters are separated into weight classes; ranging from heavyweight to strawweight. The matches are different in length depending on whether it is the main event; these matches consist of five rounds lasting for five minutes.

Meanwhile, most other matches that aren’t championship fights last for three rounds of five minutes. This is one of the many differences between the UFC and boxing events; the other obvious one being that competitors don’t have to only use their fists and they can also win matches via submission.

The fights take place inside a cage, which is known as the Octagon.

The UFC is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in world sport. With global megastars figure heading PPV’s, the company’s growth only continues to excel.

UFC Betting

Betting on UFC is becoming more and more popular, and it is becoming synonymous with the sport much like the way gambling is with boxing. This is in no small part down to the fact that Las Vegas in the home of UFC, with many of the big events taking place from the Nevadan desert.

The most popular way that punters can bet on the UFC is by placing a stage on the winner. This can be done by merely selecting whether fighter A or fighter B will win.

The next way to bet on UFC events is the method of a result. Here the punter can combine the fighter that they believe will win, and how they will do it. This will be a choice between KO/TKO, decision, or by submission.

Bettors can research this before the event as some fighters have more submission victories and very rarely win by way of knockout. As is the way with most forms of betting; research is vital.

Luckily for bettors, we will have UFC Tips for all the major fights.

Money can also be placed o the round which the fight will end, and this can also include the name of the fighter in that specific round. Here punter can set a stake on which round between one and five when the outcome of the fight will be decided, or they could stake that the fight would go to a decision.

There will be much more lucrative returns for punters should they bet on this market as they will be increasing the odds by selecting the specific fighter and the particular round in which they will win.

The final market is the simplest. Here gamblers can place money on a simple yes or no answer; the question for the market is ‘will the fight go the distance?’ If a punter put money on the yes, then the bet will be a winner if the match goes to the scorecards.

Upcoming UFC Schedule

We have UFC on ESPN 5 Predictions which features Colby Covington vs. Robbie Lawler.

UFC History

The very first UFC event came in November 1993, and posed the question ‘Can a wrestler beat a boxer?’ It was headlined by former WWE wrestler Ken Shamrock and Boyce Gracie.

The original event wasn’t a huge success and only had a buy rate of 86,000. Fighters struggled for the early years because they weren’t prepared to coming up against different forms of mixed martial arts.

Its popularity began to surge in 2007, with poster boy Roger Huerta featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Chuck Liddell posing on the front of the ESPN Magazine. This was the first year that UFC also overtook boxing in terms of betting revenues over the calendar year; while the company went on to generate more money than boxing and WWE.

It would gain even further popularity in 2009 at the UFC 100 event. This was mainly down to the draw that came with former WWE athlete Brock Lesnar and his title rematch against Frank Mir. The event gained a positive reception across the board and was featured heavily on ESPN coverage.

The signing of Brock Lesnar undoubtedly took the sport to the next level, with large buy rates on their UFC 116 and 121 PPV’s.

If Lesnar planted the seeds, then superstars such as Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor took the UFC to new levels. Rousey was renowned for breaking down the barriers of female mixed martial arts, and the former Olympic medallist became the first women signed to the brand.

She would then go on to become the first female champion and successfully defended her title on six occasions before losing at UFC 193 to Holly Holm. She was later inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, but she continues to generate fans for the UFC.

Meanwhile, the Irishman continues to be one of the hottest commodities in sports. He holds the record for five of the top six most brought events in UFC history. With the top of the list being Khabib vs McGregor at UFC 229 last year; which generated 2.4 million, meaning it was also the first time the company had passed the two million threshold.

He has generated thousands of fans from around the world through his personality, with the Irishman certainly knowing how to get audiences talking about his matches. He famously boxed against Floyd Mayweather in 2017; bringing a whole new audience into the UFC.

Jon Jones was the youngest champion in UFC history when he claimed a title aged 23 years and eight months old. While, Randy Couture is the oldest title holder, having won aged 45 years and 146 days.

McGregor and Rousey hold the record for the quickest knockout and submission victories respectively. Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone have participated in the most bouts. While the latter of the two has the most wins.

Current UFC Champions

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